Feature Friday #5: Demetrius Stitmon



Demetrius Stitmon in action

Demetrius Stitmon in action

Stitmon in action during a drill.

Stitmon in action during a drill.














Every Friday we will feature one of our ScoutForceAthlete’s to share their story with our community of aspiring athletes and their families. This week we feature football player, Demetrius Stitmon.

Watch: Demetrius Stitmon Junior Year Highlights


Get to know Demetrius 


  1. Where are you from? What highschool do you go to?

I am from Suffolk, Virginia and I attend Nansemond River High School which is also in Suffolk, Virginia.

  1. What do you like about ScoutForceAthlete and how has it helped you?

I love ScoutForceAthlete because it is user friendly. It gives you the ability to connect with hundreds of coaches and they make it easier for athletes like myself to get college the exposure needed to get to the next level.

  1. How long have you played football? What position do you play? How tall are you? Weight? Vertical?

I have played football for a total of 11 years as a Linebacker and Tight End ranging from Pop Warner to all my years in my high school. Hopefully I am able to play beyond my years of high school. Today I stand 6’0 tall and weigh in at 215 pounds and I can jump a 36 inch vertical. Along with those statistics I run a 4.6 forty yd. dash, run a 6.87 L Drill, jump a 9 foot 9 broad jump, and run a 4.0 shuttle. I have pushed myself every day from the start and will always have room for improvement.

  1. What year in school are you?

 I am a rising senior.

  1. What is your favorite thing about your sport? Why?

My favorite thing about the sport is the contact. Ever since I was a child I have always loved contact whether it was pancaking a line man at tight end or blowing up a full back on an iso. Another thing I love about the sport is showing what I can do with the ball. I feel as if you put the ball in my hands I am destined to find daylight.

  1. Where do you want to go to college? Why? Do you want to play football there?

 I would love to play at The Virginia Military Institute (VMI). I chose them because I would feel at home coming from a military household. They have my desired degree of mechanical engineering. As and alumni of VMI, I would have the ability to commission as an officer in the branch of my choice as well as a degree from one of the top ranking schools academically in the nation. Then on top of that I would be able to play D1 football with some of the best D1 athletes every weekend. That’s all I ask for when it comes to finding a college.

  1. What is your favorite thing to do with your free time?

During my free time I lift weights in my garage and work out in my backyard with my brothers: doing cone drills, pulling the sled, and even running up the mountain in my backyard. When I’m not working out I sometimes play video games with my brothers, dance with family, and I’ll even cook up a little something in the kitchen everyone once in a while just to show appreciation to my mother for her sacrifice.

  1. Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My biggest motivation is my father. I chose him because he showed me by example how to be a man and strive for my goals no matter what I had endure in the process. From waking up early to work out to losing sleep to finish a school assignment. He has laid the ground work for the person that I am today and the person that I am going to be in the future.

  1. What is your favorite thing to eat? Drink?

My favorite thing to eat is Mac and Cheese and my favorite thing to drink is Gatorade.

  1. Do you have any pre-game rituals? If so, why do you do it?

 I do have some pre-game rituals that I do before every game. I pray and then I talk to my father. I pray because I am grateful to have the chance to perform on that field under those lights every Friday and then when it’s all said and done walk off the field without injuries. I talk to my father because he is my motivator. He always was in good spirits and he was always willing to do anything to make me better. Even though I recently lost my father to colon cancer this past year his efforts made me who I am as a young man and that is why I call on him, I feel as if he has all the answers to my game on the field.

  1. What is your most memorable moment in sports? Why?

My most memorable moment was when I caught my first touchdown pass off a Tight End screen. This happened last year during our playoff game against Phoebus High. I gave the Defensive End the inside so he could get a clean shot on the Quarterback. Sadly, he didn’t know it was a set up. As he flew after the Quarterback I backed up and sat right behind him about five yards up field. That’s when I was thrown the ball and I took it 40 yards into the end zone untouched by the defense. My family and friends were so happy for me. I even heard my mom screaming from the stands as I was running. That gave us a 7-6 lead going into half time and it also gave the team some fuel to close out the half. Unfortunately, we lost that game 14-13 but that play will always be my most memorable moment.

Good Luck, Demetrius!

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  • Prince Elliott

    DJ keep up the good work on the field and off the field and know you have a huge fan base supporting you. Really looking forward to a breakout season next year

  • Jahmal Bazil

    DJ! All I can is that I can’t wait to see the legacy you sew into the world. You are a great example of an upstanding young man. I am honored to say that I know you. In other news…I feel bad for the guys that have to play against you. Stay faithful to the LORD and he will continue to bless you.

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