Should Girls Lacrosse Players Wear Helmets?

Lacrosse, one of the fastest growing sports over the last few years, has developed some controversial aspects of its game, especially on the women’s side. Unlike most sports, men and women’s lacrosse have many different rules. The men wear padding similar to football players and wear helmets. The women wear slim goggles and a mouth guard. Although the women cannot check like the men, the lacrosse ball is solid rubber and can inflict a serious injury if hit against the head.

The question everyone has been arguing is whether or not girls should be required to wear helmets. The pros of helmets are obvious, less injuries, less concussions, and a safer game for everyone. Yet there are cons that no-helmet enthusiasts are concerned with. For example, if girls have to wear helmets, will the game become more physical? Since one rule is changed, would this mean that the rest of the checking rules, and the entire premise of girl’s lacrosse, would also change? These are some of the concerns held by some coaches and players. However, injuries have become more common in women’s lacrosse especially in the college and high school levels, where the playing is more aggressive, so maybe helmets would do more good than bad.

Only time will tell whether or not the rule will change. What do you think?

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