Wednesday Wrap-Up: Life Lessons Learned From Sports

Life Lessons and Sports

If you’ve been following the blog, you know that we’ve talked about the positive mental and physical effects of sport and exercise. This week we are looking at the positive effects from a different angle, the life lessons learned from participating in sports. These are the types of lessons that will benefit athletes for years to come! Ask any former athlete if they believe that sports have helped them become a better person. I bet their answer will be “YES!”

If you missed Monday’s blog post, featuring Coach Creighton’s letter, be sure to check it out! Creighton mentioned MANY benefits and life lessons that he learned during his time as an athlete.

Here are some of the lessons that he mentioned, plus others that may apply to your own experiences:

Teamwork: Working with others

Selflessness: Putting the team before yourself

Respect: Learning to respect teammates, coaches, and trainers for their role on the team

Toughness: Both mental and physical

Hard Work and Dedication: Grueling practices and long seasons

Responsibility: Showing up for practice on time every day and following a training plan

Communication Skills: Learning how to respectfully speak to coaches and other adults and communicate your thoughts and feelings

Time Management: Figuring out how to excel at school and sports with your limited time

We have only mentioned a few of the MANY positive life lessons that sports can teach us. What are other lessons that YOU have learned? Share with us on social media!

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